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Hybrid Working is Easy with Booxpace

Why is it important to implement hybrid work model in a flexible way that meets the needs of your employees?

63% of employees prefer flexible working

Employees who are not required to go to the office, work with higher motivation by managing their time and energy more effectively.

60% of companies are making hybrid working permanent

When employees decide where and when they want to work, it increases performance and efficiency.

72% of companies use digital solutions for adaptation

Companies that have strategic planning between working from home or remotely, reduce costs by minimizing the total required space.

Design Next Generation Employee Experience with Booxpace

1. Create Your Own Workspace 1. Create Your Own Workspace

1. Create Your Own Workspace

Determine all spaces be booked such as buildings, meeting rooms, dining halls, parking lots, and gyms and set the reservation criteria.
  • Defining Workspace
  • Capacity and Reservation Management
  • Maximum Day Control
2. Communicate 2. Communicate

2. Communicate

Use Booxpace to inform your employees, make smart suggestion and manage your event and training reservations.
  • Mobile Notifications
  • In-House Announcements
  • Tips & Tricks
3. Measure and Improve 3. Measure and Improve

3. Measure and Improve

Measure the demand for your resources through various analyses of how your employees use your office and develop strategies to improve your resource efficiency.
  • Most Frequently Used Areas
  • Distribution of People by Location
  • Demand Management (dining hall, parking lot etc.)
4. Include Your Employees 4. Include Your Employees

4. Include Your Employees

Allow your employees to use Booxpace to quickly plan their office times from anywhere in line with their needs and make reservations for themselves and teammates.
  • Reservation for Teammates
  • Common Workspace Reservation
  • Social Activity Planning
5. Don't Forget Your Pets 5. Don't Forget Your Pets

5. Don't Forget Your Pets

“Bring My Pet” feature allows you to bring your pets to the office and let them socialize with you.

Choose the Plan Fits Your Needs


Limited Feature
Up to 10 Employees
  • Personnel Attendance
  • Workspace Reservation
  • Admin Portal
  • Parking Lot Reservation
  • Reservation Cancellation
  • Notifications
  • Call Center Support


Up to 2 Locations
Up to 250 Employees
  • Team Reservation
  • Office and Floor Images
  • Special Requests (Catering, Shuttle, Pets, Gym Booking)
  • Bulk Reservation
  • Guest Reservation Management
  • Unlimited Admin Users
  • Report Dashboard


Multiple Location
Up to 500 Employees
  • Customized Office Day Control
  • Maximum Day Control
  • Reservation of the Same Place as Teammate
  • Check-in
  • Panic Button
  • Authorization Approval Flows
  • PACS/QR Integration


You have more than 500 employees and need tailored solutions?
In addition to all the functions offered in the other plans, we can develop solutions for the specific needs of your company such as Active Directory Integration, Outlook/Teams Integration and detailed Analysis/Reports.

Start Quickly

Choose the Best Plan
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Create an Admin Account
Create your Booxpace admin account
Define the Office
Define your workspaces and employees
Boox Efficiently in Office
Let your employees download Booxpace from App Store or Google Play and start using it!
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